Transformational Kinesiology

Transformational Kinesiology

Transformational Kinesiology makes use of muscle testing from Applied Kinesiology – allowing one to tap into the subconscious. One is able to identify issues which are causing dis-ease, health syndromes, discomfort or blockages/stuck energy in the body, mind and soul.  Through the process of muscle testing these issues can be identified. Once identified the next step is to gently clear the issues.


One is able to test for sub-clinical health syndromes. Specifically developed vials are placed on the body – and if a syndrome present at an energetic or physical level – the muscle test will test positive. Where the client has known physical issues – such as a diagnosed disease or illness or if the body simply feels uncomfortable the body is tested for points of ‘weakness’. The next step is to identify emotions and/or beliefs behind aches and pains or sub-clinical health syndromes in the body.  This helps the healing process in the physical body.


Transformational Kinesiology enables one to tap into issues that could be preventing from you from achieving your full potential e.g. Why you don’t feel confident in certain situation, why you can’t stick to a healthy eating plan to loose weight, you know you need to follow a certain path but have concerns.

In preparation for the session draw up a list of statements on how you want to feel in that situation – in the present tense E.g. I feel calm when my daughter replies to me in a disrespectful manner,  I can leave the delicious cake on the plate, I know which decisions are right for me…


Many blockages that are found in the mind and body are from past lives, group consciousness or carried genetically. During a Transformational Kinesiology session one is able to identify beliefs, emotions (and the story), and vows from past lives that are impacting on your life today. 

How Transformational Kinesiology can help you

In addition to the Health Syndrome tests Transformational Kinesiology enables one to:

  • establish if you hold beliefs and/or vows which are preventing you achieve your full potential, and if so clear these beliefs/vows
  • tap into issues or emotional blockages from this lifetime, previous lifetimes and cellular memory (inherited from your parents, grand parents etc)
  • remove beliefs, vows and emotional blockages that negatively impact on your inner peace, feeling of well being and health

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